Company Profile

We are placing technology
to work for the world.
We at ABIT create the future of communications.

We were the first in Japan to embark on local 5G development and have participated in many government-led demonstration tests. As a result, we provide various local 5G solutions based on our extensive experience and know-how.

We have stayed at the forefront of communications technology development since its establishment in 1986 at the dawn of IT. At our founding, we provided Japanese language compatibility for Apple's Macintosh. We developed our chipsets based on our experience providing manufacturers with IP cores, a circuit technology embedded in semiconductors. We have been engaging in developing consumer products (such as the Air Protocol Analyzer, a world-standard communication testing device, and LoRaWAN™, an LPWA communication technology for IoT) that defy conventional thinking. We are currently providing 5G infrastructure technology to a wide range of major telecommunications carriers.
We continue to manufacture valuable products for our society, such as our inexpensive water level sensors spreading nationwide, intelligent meters for public lifelines, and Japan's only PHS semiconductor chip for communications with our persistent venture spirits.

Business Overview

  • Fundamental wireless technology development

  • Wireless protocol analysis instrument

  • LPWA devices, IoT devices

  • Consulting in wireless technology for telecom and enterprises.

  • IP/license business (LTE, 5G)

Achieved many world and Japanese firsts

  • Originally developed PHS LSI

  • 5G Air Protocol Analyzer (Measuring Instrument)

  • Local 5G devices supporting sub-6

Main Features

  • Head Office (Hachioji, Tokyo)

    Head Office (Hachioji, Tokyo)

  • radio darkroom

    radio darkroom

  • Measuring equipment

    Measuring equipment

products and service

  • Japan's top supplier of smart meter communication units for city and LP gas. Over 1 million shipments of IoT terminals per year

  • Developed 5G protocol analysis instruments, adopted by major Japanese 5G telecom carriers

  • ORION, an IoT cloud platform, handles 1 million devices units.

  • PHS Semiconductor

    PHS Semiconductor

  • Smart gas meter communication device

    Smart gas meter communication device

  • 5G Analysis Instrument Local 5G Equipment

    5G Analysis Instrument Local 5G Equipment

  • Disaster Prevention IoT Products

    Disaster Prevention IoT Products

Company Profile

Head office location

3-10 Minami-cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo


July 12, 1986.


Takeo Hiyama

Capital stock

333.7 million yen

Correspondent Banks

Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Seibu Shinkin Bank, etc.

Affiliated Companies

M2B Communications Inc.