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Local 5G, from ABIT,
will change the world.

  • Connecting People, Things, and AI. Welcome to the local 5G era.

    Connecting People, Things, and AI.
    Welcome to the local 5G era.

    A local 5G network is a wireless network that enables companies and local governments to install base stations on their own property and build their own 5G networks. As an independent and self-managed network, it can maximize the benefits of 5G: ultra-high speed, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections. The introduction of local 5G will bring about a fully connected world where people, things, and AI are always connected.

  • High stability, high reliability, and low cost

    High stability, high reliability,
    and low cost

    In contrast to public 5G, which shares resources with an unspecified number of users, local 5G has its own bandwidth, ensuring superior communication stability and minimizing congestion and interference between devices. The cost of communication can also be expected to be reduced because it does not involve a carrier.

  • The essence of local 5G is customization.

    The essence of local 5G is

    The most significant feature of Local 5G is customizing it to the appropriate parameters for each use case: the communication speed, number of connections, terminals, etc., required will vary depending on the field, such as manufacturing plants, transportation, distribution, hospitals, etc. What to enhance and allocate the bandwidth among "ultra-high-speed, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections" is up to the user. It is up to the user to decide what to enhance and allocate the bandwidth.

Strengths as a local 5G top runner

  • Point1 Technical Advantages

    World's leading manufacturer of
    5G measurement instruments.

    The quality of local 5G communications depends on customized settings for ultra-high speed, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections. It is essential to have the technology to adjust parameters from the physical layer to the 5G protocol layer according to the industry, network application, and site environment. ABIT is the only company in Japan that has developed everything from the physical layer to the 5G protocol layer in-house. We have been developing, manufacturing, and selling our own measuring instruments for cell phone operators for 30 years, and we are applying this technology to local 5G products.

  • Point2 Security advantages

    Protecting information infrastructure with
    "Made in Japan" products

    With the risk of information leaks from foreign products becoming apparent, more and more industry organizations and infrastructure providers are specifying domestically produced communication devices as a security measure. ABIT's local 5G systems are made purely in Japan, both software and hardware. Therefore maintenance and parts procurement are not affected by international conditions, which leads to the long-term stable operation of the information infrastructure.

  • Point3 A comprehensive, advanced telecommunications tech company

    Local 5G Professionals

    Since 1985, when IT was in its infancy, we strived to establish our wireless network. We are a comprehensive company in communications, involved in essential wireless technology development, communication protocol analysis, and measurement equipment, wireless consulting, and technology development licensing business. We have introduced the world's first and Japan's first products and services. Local 5G professionals have come together in the "5G Business Unit" of ABIT.

Installation and operation support by
5G Business Unit

Our mission is to grow our customers' businesses by providing an advanced and optimum communication environment.
ABIT 5G Business Unit, 5G professionals, provides a full range of services, from design to license application, base station installation, customization, and operational support, without the need for customers' wireless knowledge.

Consulting, Provision of equipment and technology, After-sales support

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    We propose the structure and operation of the system after conducting a thorough area survey to meet the customer's needs, such as "How do you want to expand your business?"

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    Provision of equipment and technology

    From base station installation to IoT devices, we set and customize the parameters of the equipment to suit the customer's communication needs and apply for licenses on behalf of the customer.

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    After-sales support

    We provide full operational support with 365-day monitoring, maintenance, and inspection. We also provide updates as needed to provide the latest communication environment.

Because we provide a one-stop service for the entire process, we can respond to your requests in a detailed and speedy manner. Because we are a manufacturer that develops equipment, we can update and add functions quickly.