New Product Introduction




・Local 5G products developed with
"Made in Japan" technology.
・Support for all local 5G challenges
・Now on sale: Inquiries welcome

  • ・Customizing equipment support
    ・QoS、Low latency, modulation schemes, and Beyond-5G demonstrations

  • ・License Application Support Service
    ・Experimental test station license, commercial license

  • ・Technical Support Services
    ・Evaluation and verification plan study, wireless environment, interference, fault analysis, optional antenna

  • ・Radio wave propagation simulation
    ・Computer simulation field study

  • ・Other system integration
    ・Support for integration with sXGP, etc.

AU-650UE AU-650gNB

  • Basic Configuration

AU-650 System Features

  • ・Local 5G systems developed completely in-house, from hardware to software

  • ・Industrial Ethernet protocol support, non-IP packet support

  • ・Realization of high reliability and low latency communication required in smart factories

  • ・Easy operation with preset parameters and automatic startup

  • ・Fully programmable architecture, supports various customizations

System Specifications


  • Note: Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.